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〜medical aromatherapy, natural remedies, and doterra〜

Aroma breathing (breathing technique using the aroma)
Hatha Yoga
Yin Yoga

In riYoga, we will learn how to loosen our body and feel refreshed through breathing with human biorhythms of the body, the movement of the moon, aroma, Flower Essences. It leads us a balance of mind, body, and soul. That is detox ~ meditation ~ Yoga Therapy

Aromatherapy Menu

・Head massage
 ・Foot care therapy
 ・Spine therapy with abundant oils
 ・Diet therapy
 ・rion special course
 ・original Aroma Touch technique
 ・Flower Essences Ear pot therapy
 ・Flower counseling

Please contact us for more detail

Universal Remedy Institute

 ・Lecture Workshop Guidance
 ・Aroma touch technique training
 ・Remedial therapist Basic Course

We provide classes in and out of country. For more information, please contact us.

・Essential oils of Dotera Inc
・Flower Essences of Living Essence, Inc.
・Sesame oil squeezed (15 ℃) raw low temperature
・Eye pillow of Kiri
・Lip balm
I, Riyo Ogawa have selected products of attention from all over the world, based on the Rion’s theme: healthy, secure, stylish and friendly to the earth and people. I am sure that you will be delighted.

Riyo の毎日*はーも日記

Riyo's official blog
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Holistic な世界の癒しとHappy life を
doterra 社Essential oil
Flower Essence
Organic Life

rion Natural Therapy 代表
Director、ホリスティック療法研究家、appy Life クリエイター
●長所:フレンドリー, 柔軟, 思いやり, 正義感
●短所:時々ワーカーホリック,細かい事, 数字苦手

In our modern lives, we are exposed to stress and different types of problems from the past.
What is true happiness? What are we working for?
What is the meaning of a truly healthy life?
Why does illness exist?
Why do we have painful experiences?
What can we do to overcome problems, positively?

In this Course and workshop, we will learn the care methods and natural remedies that can be used for family,
loved ones, and yourself. Through practice, you will learn the important philosophy of a therapist, and acquire the sense of a care giver.