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〜medical aromatherapy, natural remedies, and doterra〜

Aroma breathing (breathing technique using the aroma)
Hatha Yoga
Yin Yoga

In riYoga, we will learn how to loosen our body and feel refreshed through breathing with human biorhythms of the body, the movement of the moon, aroma, Flower Essences. It leads us a balance of mind, body, and soul. That is detox ~ meditation ~ Yoga Therapy

Aromatherapy Menu

・Head massage
 ・Foot care therapy
 ・Spine therapy with abundant oils
 ・Diet therapy
 ・rion special course
 ・original Aroma Touch technique
 ・Flower Essences Ear pot therapy
 ・Flower counseling

Please contact us for more detail

Universal Remedy Institute

 ・Lecture Workshop Guidance
 ・Aroma touch technique training
 ・Remedial therapist Basic Course

We provide classes in and out of country. For more information, please contact us.

・Essential oils of Dotera Inc
・Flower Essences of Living Essence, Inc.
・Sesame oil squeezed (15 ℃) raw low temperature
・Eye pillow of Kiri
・Lip balm
I, Riyo Ogawa have selected products of attention from all over the world, based on the Rion’s theme: healthy, secure, stylish and friendly to the earth and people. I am sure that you will be delighted.

Riyo's daily life Ha-mo diary

Ryo Ogawa Official Blog
Holistic world healing and Happy life,doterra Essential oil,Yoga, Flower Essence,Organic Life
I will spell it throughout the journey.

rion Natura CEO
Holistic Therapy Researcher,Happy Life Creator
・Hobbies:Travel,hot springs,photography,kimono,reading,climbing trees
・Disadvantages:Sometimes worker holics,small things,not good at numbers

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Quiet & deep breathing make our mind and body change dynamically. In riYoga, we will learn how to loosen our body and feel refreshed through flowing movement with breathing. Due to the increasing popularity of yoga, some students occasionally hurt their body through overexertion. However, with riYoga we will lead you to the study of the philosophy behind yoga and the search of the heart.
The connection of the inner self, body, mind and spirit helps to cleanse ourselves and gives us true beauty.
CPTG essential oils are used for movement or the breathing method. From the inside of the body to the outside and the outside to the inside, please enjoy healing at riYoga.

riYoga is recommended for people with the following:
・A lack of exercise
・Stiffness of the shoulders
・Lower back pain
・Menstrual pain
・For a diet and wants a slim body
・Refreshment of the heart
・A stressful life
・Needs time to calm dawn
・Lives just the way they are
・Interested in meditation

riYoga スケジュール

Click here for the schedule of riYoga classes.

riYoga 場所

Place: Zazenndo at Entsuji Temple
(909, Niishiro, Hirokawamachi, Yame-gun, Fukuoka-ken)
Things to bring: comfortable clothes, a yoga mat or a bath towel, water, and aroma
Fees: 1,500 yen (for 60minutes)
Date: According to the lunar calendar

riYoga ogawa riyo

riYoga ogawa riyo

Through Western Australian flower treatment, yoga and Super Foods, she is providing the true meaning of healing and suggesting an organic balanced life.
Her certifications and accolades include:
・Diploma in American Yoga Alliance RYT 200
・Naturopath (natural cure investigator)
・Diploma in Flower Essence from the Living Flower Essence Academy in Australia
・Member of Aroma Environmental Association of U.S.A.
・Member of Hypnotherapy Association of U.S.A.
・A special lecturer for Certified Nurse Specialists for Cancer Patients in Kurume University’s School of Medicine

Yukiko Tanaka

Rusie Dutton Instructor. Originally she worked as an esthetician and a masseuse, but her sporadic schedule caused her to become ill. This caused her to eventually become a Rusie Dutton instructor.
Her certifications include:
・CUWARM basic and advanced training courses completed in Japan
・Completed training in Rusie Dutton at the CLS School in Chiang Mai, Thailand
She is interested in the study of things regarding aromatherapy and spirituality.
“No matter what your age is, let’s try some deep meditation and breathing as well as listening to the voice of our bodies ogether.”